Entertainment Administration CMS

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Take bookings online

Your customers will enjoy the flexibility of selecting your service, the date and even the time slot to make their booking, Admin can respond and confirm the booking with one click!

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Support your staff

Allocate staff to events with colour-coded confirmation in real time. Employees will be able to view upcoming details of events, accept the job, view future and historical data and also book off dates they are unable to work.

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Back of house

Your admin staff will be able to manage resources and availability with the handy Day Planner. With one opening you can see the status of each event, staff confirmations, and all vital customer booking details.

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Automated Follow Up Emails

From confirming a booking to reminding your customers essential details for their big day, this set and forget tool streamlines your day-to-day processes and reduces administrative time. There are even automated emails sent almost 1 year after the event to prompt further sales.

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Staff Reporting

Be able to run reports for a selected time period that displays hours worked per staff member that will assist with wages and payroll.

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Need a new website?

We can handle that too. Whether you want to maintain your current website or opt to go all in, we will streamline the process for you.

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